Interest-based content tags increases engagement and ad revenue

The basic reason for identifying audience interests is to improve the audience experience by serving both content and advertising that is most relevant to the user “in the moment.” The more refined and granular the match between interests and content the higher the engagement and the more effective the ad. An engaged user is much more likely to want to know more about ads that target their interest leading to higher ad response (click through rate for pay-for-click). Ad platforms with fine grained interest targeting are more valuable to digital advertisers than non-interest-targeted ads.

Concept Tags are consistent, repeatable and easily understood

Word tags are common in tagging applications. Besides the human labor cost there is a loss of information and understanding across applications because words are not a fixed topic or concept and assignments of words vary with individuals. Concept tags are far more stable. For example, concepts have the same meaning across languages and cultures. Words do not.

Down load our white paper describing how your content can be tagged automatically.