What is a Knowledge Hub?

Our AI technology reads all of your site content and slices it into thousands of short, mobile friendly sentences specifically selected for user interest appeal. We call these selected excerpts from your articles “ interest posts.” We organize your interest posts by subject categories and subcategories into a Knowledge Hub content directory. Your users are guided to your legacy content by browsing a unique Table-of-Content-like interface. While exploring topics, they see native ads targeted to their interest and click these ads to generate revenue for your publication.  Unlike sponsored links your audience is continuously engaged with your content.

 The Knowledge Hub Digital Ad Revenue Advantage.

Ad platforms like Google gobble up new digital ad revenue by providing a highly effective platform for digital advertisers. Publishers are disadvantaged by low ad performance of their landing pages compared to keyword targeted native ads. Our Knowledge Hubs level the playing field by serving targeted ads precisely aligned to the audience interests as they browse.

Knowledge Hub User Engagement and Ad Performance Metrics

(compared to sponsored link vendors):

4-8x avg. CTR
5+ pageviews
< 30% bounce rate

Get Your Knowledge Hub Working For Your Site in 5 Easy Steps

  • Install the Knowledge Hub explore widget on your site Our AI technology organizes all of your site’s content into a topic directory your audience uses to explore interest posts to your legacy content. Or use our REST API to create your own applications.
  • Your readers click on the Knowledge Hub icon to launch a directory search. Similar to custom search.
  • Readers discover and explore topics of interest using mobile friendly touch or they can find specific topics you have written about.
  • They find your content specific to their interest and provide you revenue from targeted native ad clicks. No investment in new content required.
  • Readers love the high relevance of your legacy content to their interests. Digital advertisers love the high response to their ads. You keep using the same advertising model for your front line content. Interested eyes fall on hard to reach articles.


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