Intellisophic OEM Solutions, are for customers that want to embed Intellisophic technology inside their products. We have solutions in the following areas:

Embedded Content

Intellisophic provides custom taxonomy solutions for embedding into knowledge management products.  Intellisophic will work with your team to develop the right combinations of taxonomies for your application.  Domain specific knowledge management, litigation support, custom and general thesaurus.   This data will be delivered in an embeddable form that will be formatted for your particular application.

Editorial Tools

Intellisophic has built the largest taxonomies in the industry,  as part of that – we create and sell embeddable versions of our editorial system for OEM deployments.

  • Taxonomy Development
  • Rule Generation / Iteration
  • Large Scale taxonomy deployment
  • Thesaurus editing and development

Classification Technology

Intellisophic runs the largest taxonomies in the industry across billions of documents for our data enrichment practice.   This technology can be licensed and embedding into server based software solutions.   Our classification engine includes:

Ability to process millions of rules simultaneously

Software frameworks for pipelining billions of documents through 1 to many classification engines with endpoints of stream, text, relational, and nosql backends.

Data Enrichment Services

Custom data enrichments services.  Intellisophic provides services to take large document collections and enrich them across our entire library of taxonomies, or specific domains of taxonomies.