Launching Fall 2018.

Intellisophic has temporarily closed the Linkapedia Knowledge Hub while we add exciting new social features that will provide the benefits of a secure blockchain and add an exciting new cyber currency rewards package.  The new social platform is called iKNOW and the cyber currency soon to be launched as an Independent Coin Offering (ICO) is called iCARE.

The I KNOW story

Remember being in school, waving your hand in the air shouting “I know!”  Or staying still when you didn’t? Or thinking, “Why does she get called on and not me?” These “IKNOW” moments can be exciting or humiliating. They shape the life we live. Knowledge is a possession, for a fortunate few the most valuable of any we acquire. What you know directly affects your security and happiness.

Knowledge isn’t just facts, its understanding the facts. It’s also the Source: Who told you so? Where did you get that? It’s the difference between “Ask me, I know now,” and “Thank you, now I know.” Or often “I don’t know about that.” But if you can’t say “I Know” when you need to, the opening to your dreams may quickly close.  In those moments you need a place to go that knows you and has the information you can trust and knowledge you need.  

The place is called Linkapedia/iKNOW It’s the place to go when you want to know and the place to share what you do know.

To know more take one minute and watch the video of a social knowledge discovery experience at Linkapedia Coffee Shop

What if there is a place you can go to meet friends that share the knowledge and passions you care about?  

  • A place where you can learn more about any topic on earth and share your new knowledge with your friends and the world.  
  • A place where your personal data is secure and only you hold the key to its use.
  • A place with pictures and informative content from trusted sources arranged so you can learn, discover, and share.
  • A place you can say “I KNOW” and show “I CARE” at the same time.
  • A place where you get search results about your interest automatically without having to try to guess words or read and read and read.
  • A place where you are paid in valuable cyber-currency for content you produce, the ads you see, and the content sources you use.
  • A place where you control your privacy in a community that keeps you safe.
  • A place which knows your interests and only serves your interests.

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