Experts agree that up to 85% of enterprise’s most valuable data is unstructured;data which is locked in documents, email, web-pages, call center records, CRM sales notes, news feeds, resumes, reports and free-text fields within structured records. This information is arguably the most important data an enterprise owns. Unfortunately, due to the complexity of systematically understanding this information, it has been mostly ignored by the Enterprise Applications in use today.

However, there is a new breed of advanced information intelligence (AII) applications which are leveraging vast amounts of unstructured data within an enterprise. AII applications represent a rapidly growing technology segment estimated at $8-10 billion which includes:

Enterprise Search & Retrieval Business Intelligence
Categorization & Classification Compliance Management
Portal Infrastructure Social Networking
Content & Knowledge Management Electronic Discovery
Data Warehousing Government Intelligence

These solutions are unlocking the value of this data to bring a new level of understanding to business processes, client relationships, customer satisfaction and market intelligence. By understanding what is taking place in the unstructured data, a new truly powerful enterprise intelligence emerges.

In order for AII applications to leverage the unstructured information efficiently, it must be organized and indexed or tagged with a common set of terms or concepts. This process is best done through the use of subject area taxonomies. Unfortunately, most enterprises taxonomies have been extremely laborious, expensive and time-consuming projects which often break down from the weight of economic and operational pressures. Subject matter experts are simply too valuable to spend 2-3 hours per topic exhaustively building the taxonomies necessary to handle today’s information architecture challenges.

Manual Taxonomy projects do not scale. Business is changing rapidly. The information management challenge of every organization is growing at a frightening pace. Taxonomic content simply cannot be created fast or deeply enough to meet the requirements of most knowledge driven enterprises.

Intellisophic has broken the back of the Taxonomy development challenge.

Intellisophic’s team of experts will work with customers to ensure the right combination of taxonomies is used to meet the business needs. Taxonomy details can be found in the taxonomic content section.