Intellisophic works closely with many government agencies and government contractors. Subject areas for taxonomies of government interest are listed below.

Biography & Genealogy

Biography & Genealogy; World Biography Reference; Activists, Rebels & Reformers; Famous People; Bundestag members; Business Leaders; Scientific Biography Reference; American Biography Reference; Heroes, Heroines & Villains; Hispanic Biography; Explorers; Industrialists; Artists & Cultural Influences; Scientists; Inventors; Famous Women; Mysterious Deaths, Native American Genealogy; Newsmakers; Athletes; Outlaws, Mobsters & Crooks; Immigration; Historical Figures; Theatrical Performers; Middle Eastern Studies; World Leaders


Analytical Chemistry; Environmental Chemistry; Physical Chemistry; Biochemistry; General Chemistry; Polymer Science & Technology; Chemical Engineering; Industrial Chemistry; Special Topics; Computational Chemistry & Molecular Modeling; Inorganic Chemistry; Spectroscopy; Electrochemistry; Organic Chemistry


Computer Graphics; Computer Science; General Interest; Hardware; Internet & WWW; Office Productivity; Operating Systems; Personal Computing; Special Topics

Engineering & Materials

Civil / Structural Engineering; Electrical & Electronics Engineering; Environmental Engineering; Industrial Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Software Engineering; Plastics, Polymers and Adhesive; Natural Materials & Cellulose; Metallurgy & Materials; Welding Practice & Technology; Welding Processes; Fatigue, Fracture and Failure; Weld Design; Underwater Technology; Inspection, Testing & NDE; Microscopy, Surface Engineering & Corrosion; Fire Retardancy; Cabling Technology; Engineering Design & Management; Health & Safety; Dictionaries, Standards, Specifications & Codes; Crashworthiness; Weld Gauges; Weld Inspection Aids

Environmental Management

Atmospheric Pollution; Environmental Management; Environmental Reporting; Soil & Pesticides; Sustainable Production; Transport Planning; Urban Development; Water Management; Population

Geography & Earth Science

Agriculture; Environmental Science; Geomorphology; Climatology & Meteorology; Forestry; Geophysics; Earth Science Special Topics; General Earth Science; Hydrology Science; Ecology; Geography; Environmental Management, Policy & Planning; Geology; Geomorphology; Geophysics; Hydrology Science


American; Asian, Jewish; U.S. Civilian Agencies; African American; African; Native American; National Socialists; American Wars; Sciences; Art; World Leaders; European; Ancient Civilizations; British & European; French; Global Politics; Government & Defense; Culture; Literary; Sports; General History; Irish; Eastern European; Food; Exploration; Religion; Disasters; Escapes; Speeches; Architecture; Education; Mathematics; Nations; Modern History; World History; Immigration; Latin American; Middle Eastern; Slavery; Terrorism; Travel; Economics

Law & Government

American Laws & Government; Canadian Parliament; Historical Trials- Domestic & International; Political Theories; Special Interest Groups; Administrative Law; Antitrust Law; Commercial Law & Bankruptcy; Construction Law; Corporate Law & Securities; Elder Law & Trusts; Estate Planning; Family Law; Health Law & Administration; HR, Employment Law & Civil Rights; Intellectual Property Law & Licensing; Kluwer International Law; Law Practice Management; Litigation, Insurance & Tort Law; Mergers & Acquisitions; E-Commerce Law; Medical Malpractice

Nation & World

World Atlas; World Landmarks; World Geography; World Cultures; World Leaders; Espionage, Intelligence & Security; Genocide & Humanitarian Crimes; Indigenous People; US & World Holidays; Economics; Demographics; Sociology; Environment; Government; Leisure; Business Cultural; Business; Housing; Education; Income; Foods & Nutrition; Myths & Legends; World Musicians & Artists; United States; Latin America; North Africa; Sub-Saharan Africa; Eastern Europe & The Balkans; Nordic Countries & Antarctica; Oceania; Russia & Central Asia; South Asia; The Middle East & Islam; Western Europe; Britain & Ireland; East Asia, China, Tibet & Japan; Central America; Population; Military & Defense; Transportation


Legal Reference; General Reference; Literary Reference; Acronyms, Initialisms & Abbreviations; Cultural Publications; American Wars; Foreign Languages; Appraisal; Art & Artists; Awards; Geography; Industry Related Adult Learning; Periodical & Monograph Reference; Classification; History; Business; Government; Information Services; Film; Aquacultures; Library Science; Automotive; Engineering; Healthcare; Dictionaries; Religion; Associations; Ethics; Environmental; Social; Astronomy; Terrorism; Crime & Criminology; Finance; Economics; Trends & Forecasts; Psychology; Chemistry; Earth Sciences; Music & Musicians; Dance; Patents; Press & Media; Museums; Statistics; Spanish Language Resources; Agriculture; Pharmacology; Humanities; Industry; Medicine; Physics & Mathematics; Geology; Foundations; Logos, Emblems & Trademarks; Tourism; The Columbia Encyclopedia, The WorldBook Encyclopedia

Social Science

Africa; American Civil Rights; American Revolution; Social Movements; Urban & Rural Life; Ancient Civilizations; Anti-Socialist Organizations; Social History; Settlement Movement; Science & Invention; Labor, Capital & Trade; Economic Depression; Architecture; Child Development; Cold War; Colonial America; American Presidents; Industrialism; Contemporary Issues & Controversies; Crime & Justice; The Crusades; Israeli-Palestinian Conflict; Culture; Drugs, Alcohol & Tobacco; Behavior; Aging; Foreign Policy; Arms & Disarmament; Bioethics; Clothing & Fashion; Communication & Information; Hoaxes; Gay, Lesbian & Transgendered; Population; Recreation & Leisure; Religion; Sociology; Explorers & Discoverers; Holocaust; Famine; Psychoanalysis; Marriage & Family; Education; Military & Defense; Census Information; Korean War; Landmarks; Learning & Memory; Terrorism; Death & Dying; Transportation; World Slavery; Middle Ages; French Revolution; Welfare; Poverty; Immigration; Radicalism; Reconstruction Era; Russia & Soviet Union; Communism; Sixties in America; British History; Social Trends & Indicators; Vietnam War; Violence; War of 1812; Westward Expansion; World Celebrations & Ceremonies; Women Studies; World War I & II; Civil & Political Unrest