Intellisophic creates taxonomies from authoritative reference materials so the taxonomies are not limited to specific industries; rather, they span thousands of industries. Subject areas for taxonomies of corporate interest are listed below.

Architecture & Design

Architectural Graphic Standards; Graphic Design, Professional Practice; Building Design, Historic Preservation; Special Topics; Design, Drawing & Presentation; Interior Design; Turf Management; General Architecture & Design; Landscape Design; Urban Planning


Business Accounting; Finance & Investments; Public Administration & Management; Advertising; General Business; Quality Management; Self-Help; Intellectual Property & Licensing; Real Estate; Business Statistics & Math; Management; Small Business; Career Development; Marketing & Sales; Special Topics; Conflict Resolution & Mediation; Nonprofit Organizations; Training & Human Resource Development; Consulting; Personal Finance; Economics; Production Operations Management; International & Domestic Cost of Living; Asian Marketing & Statistics; Asian-Pacific Marketing; Brands; Business Organizations, Agencies & Publications; Business Plans; International & Domestic Company Profiles; Acquisitions, Buyouts & Mergers; Counties & Zip Codes; Domestic & International Consumers; Business Travel & Relocation; Major Marketing Campaigns; International & Domestic Markets; Company & Economic History; Trends & Forecasts; Inventing & Patenting; Market Share; Minority-Owned Businesses; Women-Owned Businesses; Population; Trade Shows; Technology; Income & Expenditure Patterns; Banking & Financial Services; Education Policy; Information Technology & Telecom; International Taxation; Non-Profit Administration & Grants; Payroll; Pension, Benefits & Compensation; Real Estate; Safety & Environment; Taxation; Venture Capital

Commodities, Finance & Investment

Energy; Metals & Base Metals; Precious Metals; Agricultural & Related Commodities; Environmental Reporting; Investment; Banking & Financial Markets; Financial Services; Treasury; E-Commerce Law


Analytical Chemistry; Environmental Chemistry; Physical Chemistry; Biochemistry; General Chemistry; Polymer Science & Technology; Chemical Engineering; Industrial Chemistry; Special Topics; Computational Chemistry & Molecular Modeling; Inorganic Chemistry; Spectroscopy; Electrochemistry; Organic Chemistry


Computer Graphics; Computer Science; General Interest; Hardware; Internet & WWW; Office Productivity; Operating Systems; Personal Computing; Special Topics

Engineering & Materials

Civil / Structural Engineering; Electrical & Electronics Engineering; Environmental Engineering; Industrial Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Software Engineering; Plastics, Polymers and Adhesive; Natural Materials & Cellulose; Metallurgy & Materials; Welding Practice & Technology; Welding Processes; Fatigue, Fracture and Failure; Weld Design; Underwater Technology; Inspection, Testing & NDE; Microscopy, Surface Engineering & Corrosion; Fire Retardancy; Cabling Technology; Engineering Design & Management; Health & Safety; Dictionaries, Standards, Specifications & Codes; Crashworthiness; Weld Gauges; Weld Inspection Aids

Environmental Management

Atmospheric Pollution; Environmental Management; Environmental Reporting; Soil & Pesticides; Sustainable Production; Transport Planning; Urban Development; Water Management; Population

Geography & Earth Science

Agriculture; Environmental Science; Geomorphology; Climatology & Meteorology; Forestry; Geophysics; Earth Science Special Topics; General Earth Science; Hydrology Science; Ecology; Geography; Environmental Management, Policy & Planning; Geology; Geomorphology; Geophysics; Hydrology Science

International Business

Major Companies: Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea; World Trade Associations

Law & Government

American Laws & Government; Canadian Parliament; Historical Trials- Domestic & International; Political Theories; Special Interest Groups; Administrative Law; Antitrust Law; Commercial Law & Bankruptcy; Construction Law; Corporate Law & Securities; Elder Law & Trusts; Estate Planning; Family Law; Health Law & Administration; HR, Employment Law & Civil Rights; Intellectual Property Law & Licensing; Kluwer International Law; Law Practice Management; Litigation, Insurance & Tort Law; Mergers & Acquisitions; E-Commerce Law; Medical Malpractice

Life & Medical Sciences

Anatomy & Physiology; Comparative Biology; Medical Sciences; Cellular and Molecular Biology; Consumer Health; Microbiology and Virology; Bioinformatics; General Life Sciences; Biological Anthropology; Genetics; Neuroscience; Biology; Health Care Administration; Proteomics; Biotechnology; Life Sciences Special Topics; Public Health; Diseases & Disorders; Clinical Trial Drugs; Pharmaceuticals; Drugs, Alcohol & Addictive Behavior; Mental Disorders; Surgery; Alternative Healthcare; Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy; Applied & Environmental Microbiology; Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory Immunology; Bacteriology; Clinical Biology; History of Science; Immunology; Medical Microbiology, Pathogenesis; Molecular Biology, Genetics; Mycology, Parasitology; Adverse Drug Reactions; Asthma; British National Formulary; Careers in Pharmacy; Chronotherapeutics; Analysis of Drugs & Poisons; Complementary Therapies for Pharmacists; Critical Care Therapeutics; Pharmacy Law & Ethics; Development & Control of Medicines & Medical Devices; Diabetes; Pharmacovigilance; Dietary Supplements; Disease Management; Drugs of Abuse; Essentials of Pharmaceutical Chemistry; Evidence-based Pharmacy

Mathematics & Statistics

Algebra; Discrete Mathematics; Numerical Methods; Applied Mathematics; Finite Mathematics; Probability & Mathematical Statistics; Applied Probability & Statistics; General Mathematics; Regression Analysis; Calculus; General Statistics; Statistics Experimental Design; Combinatorics; Geometry & Topology; Statistics Special Topics; Computational & Graphical Statistics; Logic & Foundations; Statistics Text & Reference; Data Analysis & Management; Mathematics Special Topics; Survey Research Methods & Sampling; Differential Equations; Number Theory

Physics & Astronomy

Astronomy; Magnetic Materials; Physics Special Topics; Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics; Materials Characterization; Quantum Physics & Field Theory; Biomaterials; Materials Science Special Topics; Sensor Materials; Classical & Fluid Mechanics; Mathematical Physics; Solid State Physics; Electricity & Magnetism; Medical & Health Physics; Structural Materials; Electronic Materials; Nanotechnology & Nanomaterials; Theory, Modeling & Simulation; Fundamentals of Material Science; Nuclear & High Energy Physics; Thermal Physics & Statistical Mechanics; General Materials Science; Optical Materials; Thin Films, Surfaces & Interfaces; General Physics; Optics & Laser Physics

Reference Legal

Reference; General Reference; Literary Reference; Acronyms, Initialisms & Abbreviations; Cultural Publications; American Wars; Foreign Languages; Appraisal; Art & Artists; Awards; Geography; Industry Related Adult Learning; Periodical & Monograph Reference; Classification; History; Business; Government; Information Services; Film; Aquacultures; Library Science; Automotive; Engineering; Healthcare; Dictionaries; Religion; Associations; Ethics; Environmental; Social; Astronomy; Terrorism; Crime & Criminology; Finance; Economics; Trends & Forecasts; Psychology; Chemistry; Earth Sciences; Music & Musicians; Dance; Patents; Press & Media; Museums; Statistics; Spanish Language Resources; Agriculture; Pharmacology; Humanities; Industry; Medicine; Physics & Mathematics; Geology; Foundations; Logos, Emblems & Trademarks; Tourism; The Columbia Encyclopedia, The WorldBook Encyclopedia


Alternative Health & Medicine; Anatomy; Natural History; Animals; Animal Science; Astronomy; Evolution; Mathematics; Biology; Bugs; Physics; Chemistry; Environment; Weather; Natural Disasters; Dinosaurs; Drugs; Earth Sciences; Ecosystems; Biosphere; Discovery & Invention; Humans; Medical Organizations & Agencies; Technology; Ethics; Sports Science; Endangered Species; Aquatic Species; Geography

Textile Technologies

Clothing Production; Fiber Science; Technical Textiles; Natural Materials & Cellulose; Fibers in Composites; Design & Management; Environmental Textiles