Intellisophic is the world’s largest provider of taxonomic content. Unlike other methods for taxonomy development that are limited by the expense of corporate librarians and subject matter experts, Intellisophic content is machine developed, leveraging knowledge from respected reference works. The taxonomies are unbounded by subject coverage and cost significantly less to create. The taxonomy library covers five million topic areas defined by hundreds of millions of terms. Our taxonomy library is constantly growing with the addition of new titles and publishing partners.

Intellisophic also provides Concept Identification and Data Enrichment solutions for organizations with large quantities of unstructured data. Intellisophic enables solutions for content management; taxonomy enrichment & editing; directory building; business intelligence; data warehousing and search infrastructure. Applications fueled by Intellisophic’s technology and taxonomies are currently in use in Pharmaceutical, Intelligence and Web Portal/Reference applications.

Intellisophic technology was founded by Henry Kon, PhD., George Burch and Michael Hoey based on the premise that concepts within unstructured information can be systematically derived by leveraging the trusted taxonomies of the reference book community. With this core idea, Intellisophic developed and patented the Orthogonal Corpus Indexing (OCI) algorithm for extracting and using taxonomies from reference and education books.

Intellisophic is dedicated to using existing published knowledge to produce deep authoritative taxonomies for use in content intelligence solutions.