Intellisophic is the worlds largest producer of taxonomic content for use in advanced information and intelligence applications.   With deep subject matter expertise derived from authoritative reference publications, we have developed a vast knowledge asset on almost every subject area and can deliver it at unprecedented speed and cost results.


Intelligent Solutions

Experts agree that up to 85% of enterprise's most valuable data is unstructured;data which is locked in documents, email, web-pages, call center records, CRM sales notes, news feeds, resumes, reports and free-text fields within structured records. This information is arguably the most important data an enterprise owns. Unfortunately, due to the complexity of systematically understanding this information, it has been mostly ignored by the Enterprise Applications in use today.

Taxonomic Content

Taxonomic content is the key to next generation Content Intelligence solutions. Building a taxonomy for most organizations can take 2-3 hours per concept, resulting in taxonomies too small and restricted to cover the entire business effectively. Previous attempts at automation failed to provide taxonomies with the embedded knowledge that experts provide.